Handling - Forlì Airport

Fees and services

Ground handling private flights, no waiting after landing

Forlì Airport provides numerous ground handling services for private and general aviation flights. Below is a summary of our services and some information on the operators who provide them.

FORLÌ 5 km 8 km 79 km
CESENA 18 km 40 km 94 km
RAVENNA 31 km 58 km 87 km
FAENZA 23 km 74 km 60 km
IMOLA 38 km 89 km 46 km
FERRARA 103 km 148 km 46,5 km

General aviation rates including rotary wing aircraft

The flat rates per tonne include the following services:

  • marshalling, putting on and removing heels, air terminal services, customs, passenger reception, baggage trolleys, stopover information, documentation service, passenger and aircraft apron service.
  • Aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of up to 5,000 kg:


  • Flat rate per tonne for national and international traffic Euros 9.26
  • Aircraft over 5,000 kg maximum take-off weight:


  • Domestic traffic per tonne Euros 18.60
  • International traffic per tonne Euros 20.69

Information and enquiries

For further information or to send enquiries, please contact the Operations Department or submit a request by filling out this




OPS Forlì Airport

Tel.+39 0543783430  –  Mail: ops@forli-airport.com

    Handling - Forlì Airport

    Pilot's corner

    • For more information on airport data and approach procedures please refer to AIP LIPK
    • Updates on the Enav website at link 
    • Updates about NOTAM LIPK at this link

    Important information to travellers:

    All travellers entering or leaving the EU territory with a cash sum equal to or greater than € 10.000 are required to declare it to the customs authorities in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1889/2005, in force since 15 June 2007. More information on customs formalities can be found at link.

    Health regulations

    Commanders of flights from 'non-EU' countries or from areas/countries subject to sanitary measures, as specified in circular EAL-10 dell’ENAC and in application of the International Health Regulations, are required by law to present on arrival:

    • Passenger list
    • La Dichiarazione Generale di Aeromobile

    The airport is obliged to archive this documentation for possible verification by the competent health authorities (USMAF)

    Handling - Forlì Airport


    Refuelling is managed by Carboil: Fuel type: Jet A1 

    website Tel.0543/780389

    Handling - Forlì Airport