F.A. srl FORLI’ AIRPORT OPERATOR F.A. srl is an entirely private capital Company that has been awarded the airport managing license following a European tender and is an expression of Romagna entrepreneurship.

In compliance with the provisions of Article 705 of the Italian Code of Navigation, is F.A. srl the entrusted organization with the task of:

  • managing, according to transparency and non-discrimination criteria, the airport infrastructures;
  • coordinating and controlling, under the supervision of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), the activities of the other operators.

The eligibility of the Company F.A srl to carry out such activities, in compliance with technical safety standards, is certified by the “Airport Certificate” issued by ENAC.


  • FA organizes the airport activity, managing the available resources in an optimal and efficient way for the supply of high quality standard activities and services;
  • Under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority, F.A. srl:
    • Assigns aircraft parking stands
    • Ensures orderly movement and operations of ground vehicles and personnel when operating on aprons, in order not to interfere with aircraft handling activities
    • Verifies compliance with the requirements of the Airport Regulations by airport service providers.
  • In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and ENAC, F.A. srl draws up the Service Charter, ensuring compliance with the expected quality level of the services offered to airport users
  • FA srl carries out directly security checks on passengers, baggage and cargo, in accordance with the given provisions, as well as the handling of lost property


F.A. srl shareholders list (share capital € 12.000.000,00) on April 4th 2022

  • GRUPPO VILLA MARIA SPA o G.V.M. Spa 47,263%
  • VICTOR Srl 42,536%
  • PONZI SPA 2,500%
  • Z2 S.r.l.s. 1,667%
  • CONSORZIO FRUTTADORO DI ROMAGNA Soc. coop. Agricola 1,267%
  • ALEXANDER Srl 0,042%


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, which can be downloaded below, has been drawn up to ensure that the Company’s primary and ethical values are clearly defined and constitute the basic element of the Company’s culture, as well as the standard conduct of F.A. srl employees’ by carrying out their business and activities.

In order that relations, both outside and within the Company, can take place and develop in a socially and ethically correct way, F.A. s.r.l. has deemed it necessary to have a Code of Ethics, in which the values and principles that must constantly, homogeneously and consciously guide the behaviour of all those who work in and for F.A. s.r.l. have been explicitly and univocally stated: the Code of Ethics therefore acts as a guide for all Company personnel, regardless of their level of competence and responsibility.

F.A. s.r.l. aims to consolidate and promote the ethical and social responsibility of its entrepreneurial activity, strengthening the respect of legality, preventing opportunities for illegal conduct in carrying out the Company’s activities, but also enhancing the virtuous and ethically correct behaviours, which improve the efficiency of human resources and ensuring, in external relations, a positive reputation of the Company.


We publish below the Airport Regulations of Forlì airport, in force as of October 28, 2020, approved by ENAC – Direzione Aeroportuale Emilia Romagna with order no. 4/2020 of October 21, 2020.

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