Taxi, NCC e Bus - Forlì Airport

Radio taxi Forlì  0543/31111
MG Service NCC  335/6396535 
CD Tours Forlì by Davide Costa  328/9379697 
CO.E.R.Bus  0545/27077 
C.R. Bus Forlì-Cesena  0543/33147 
Paolo Bus Rental  335/8068058  0543/795252 

Taxi, NCC e Bus - Forlì Airport

Private buses from/to the airport


Vehicle type  

  • Fares are valid for all buses over 9 seats.  


  • Admission € 10, from the second hour or part thereof € 10.  

Admission modes:  

  • Via the lane indicated in the signs at the entrance to the terminal.   


  • The column will issue a ticket consistent with the above rates.  

Payment Methods:  

  • At the cash machine located at the exit of car park 2 or second automatic cash machine already operational and located in the arrivals area (next to the ATM)
  • Departure from the airport ticket office

Note: NCCs and taxis not operating under an annual agreement or lump sum and with vehicles of less than 9 seats must go to the information/ticket office where they will be charged the taxi/NCC entrance fee.