Check-in - Forlì Airport

During the check-in process you will be given your boarding pass, the only document that allows you to enter the security restricted area of an airport (area beyond security) and board an aircraft.

If you have not already checked in online, we recommend that you go to the airport well in advance and reach the check-in desks of your flight (located in the Departures area) to carry out the scheduled check-in operations. To obtain your boarding pass you will need to present your flight booking confirmation, a valid ID, a valid passport or ID card, and any entry visas to the destination country, if any.

It is absolutely necessary to respect the time limit of acceptance to ensure a timely departure of the flight: at the latest by the time indicated by the Company you must already have your boarding pass, even if you have checked-inin online, and have delivered your luggage. If you have checked in online and you do not need to check in your checked baggage, you can go directly to the security checkpoints.

Check-in - Forlì Airport

Bag-drop off

If you have checked in online and need to drop off your checked baggage, we recommend that you go immediately to the check-in desks located in the Departures area. You will need to present your boarding pass and valid Identity Card.

Check-in - Forlì Airport

Visa check

Not european passengers who have printed their boarding pass online must show up at the check-in desk to check their identity documents.