Imbarco - Forlì Airport

If you have checked in and passed the security checks, the last step is the one that will finally allow you to board the aircraft.

Boarding operations are carried out at the boarding gates, where you must present your boarding pass and identity documentFor this reason, we ask you to be ready for check-in. You will be able to find the gate number assigned to your flight and the time at which you will board either on your boarding pass, or on the public information screens located at various points in the terminal.

The gate number may change for operational reasonsso to ensure you are in the right place, please check the status of your flight on the information screens and pay attention to the voice announcements. Once you have gone through the security checks, we advise you to reach the boarding gate as soon as possible.

Remember to check directly with the airline, the boarding gate closing time: this time will be strictly respected by the airport staff, to ensure the smooth departure of the flight. If the airline provides the priority boarding service, which allows passengers to board first, and you have booked or are entitled to the service, make sure you are at your assigned gate before boarding begins. Remember to keep your boarding pass until you arrive at your destination.