Passeggeri a ridotta mobilità - Forlì Airport

Il Regolamento (CE) n. 1107/2006 garantisce ai passeggeri con disabilità o a mobilità ridotta (PRM) il diritto di poter fruire nel trasporto aereo di un servizio adeguato alle proprie esigenze e senza alcuna forma di discriminazione. Il Regolamento prevede l’assistenza obbligatoria e gratuita.


The Company F.A. S.r.l., as Manager of the airport of Forlì, through the employment of specialized and adequately trained staff, undertakes to guarantee the provisions of EU Regulation 1107/2006 on the rights of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility in air transport.
This Regulation stipulates that in air transport, as in other aspects of daily life, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility have the same rights as all other citizens to free movement, freedom of choice and non-discrimination, ensuring accessibility to air transport without discrimination and without additional costs, for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Se hai bisogno di assistenza, è importante che tu proceda a prenotare in anticipo il servizio. In questo modo l’aeroporto e il vettore aereo potranno predisporre al meglio il servizio in tutte le fasi del tuo viaggio e soddisfare le tue necessità.
  • Per garantire un servizio adeguato alle tue esigenze, l’assistenza va pre-notificata alla compagnia aerea, all’agenzia di viaggio o al tour operator al momento della prenotazione del volo o, al più tardi, almeno 48 ore prima della partenza.
  • È cura della Compagnia aerea inoltrare la richiesta a tutti gli aeroporti toccati dal tuo itinerario di viaggio / È compito della compagnia aerea informare tutti gli aeroporti toccati dall’itinerario.
  • Show up at the airport well in advance, so that you can carry out all the operations scheduled for departure in time, in order to ensure a better organization of your assistance;
  • When booking your flight, inform the Airline of your need to travel with a wheelchair, electric or folding, or any other walking aid;
  • Passengers with arms or legs in plaster cast or fences may travel by plane, provided that the cast took place at least 48 hours before the flight. A medical certificate clearly certifying fitness to fly is required.


In caso di mancata richiesta o di pre-notifica in ritardo, l’aeroporto farà̀ del proprio meglio per assisterti nel minor tempo possibile, tuttavia potrebbero aumentare i tempi di attesa prima di  ricevere assistenza da un nostro Operatore. La richiesta anticipata dell’assistenza è fondamentale per permettere all’aeroporto di fornire al passeggero un servizio adeguato.






È importante presentarsi in aeroporto con sufficiente anticipo rispetto all’orario di partenza del volo indicato nel biglietto aereo e almeno:

  • Due ore prima della partenza in caso di volo nazionale/Schengen
  • Tre ore prima della partenza in caso di volo nazionale/Schengen
  • La presentazione in aeroporto è necessario che avvenga nei tempi comunicati dalla propria Compagnia Aerea e comunque almeno 120 minuti prima dell’orario di partenza del volo.


Passeggeri a ridotta mobilità - Forlì Airport

Type of assistance

At the time of booking it is important to specify the type of assistance required:


Passenger able to climb and descend the aircraft stairs and move independently in the cabin, but who needs a wheelchair to make the distance between the terminal and the aircraft, inside the terminal and from this to the points of arrival and departure outside it.


A passenger who is not able to climb and descend independently of the aircraft stairs, but is able to reach, albeit with difficulty, his seat on board and who requires the help of a wheelchair to transfer from the terminal to the aircraft, inside the terminal and from there to the points of arrival and departure outside.


Passenger who is completely stationary and needs a wheelchair and assistance for boarding, disembarkation and accommodation on board the aircraft.


Blind or visually impaired passenger. You can travel without a companion and do not need a medical certificate. Any guide dogs will be boarded according to the indications of the Carrier.


Passenger with hearing or hearing impairment and speech impairment. He can also travel without a companion.


Passenger travelling on a stretcher.


Passengers with intellectual or behavioural disabilities.

Passeggeri a ridotta mobilità - Forlì Airport

Refusal to boarding

Air carriers cannot refuse to a PRM passenger the reservation or boarding due to his disability or reduced mobility. This provision shall apply provided that the person concerned has a valid ticket and a confirmed reservation. Please note that a service must be booked at the latest within 48 hours from the date of the flight.

An Air Carrier may refuse to book or board a PRM only in the following cases:

  • to meet the safety requirements of international, EU and national standards;
  • if the dimensions of the aircraft or its doors make it impossible to board or carry the passenger.

To meet safety requirements, the Air Carrier may require the passenger to be accompanied by a person providing the necessary assistance.
The presence of an attendant may be required when the person is not independently able to breathe, feed himself, rise, communicate with cabin attendants and understand their instructions, enjoy the toilets, take their own medicines and provide their own dressings.

Services available to passengers with special needs


At the airport, free reserved parking spaces are available for passengers with reduced mobility, equipped with a parking card for disabled people valid, as per DPR 151/2012.
The reserved parking places are present in the car parks:

  • P0 - front of departure area
  • Short stop - in front of arrival area

The reservation of the parking space is not allowed.

Columns with an intercom

The columns with intercom for assistance request are located near the gates to the terminal - departure area.


There are toilets for people with disabilities both inside the boarding halls and before security checks.


Available for boarding and disembarking passengers on aircraft.


The operator will arrive with the wheelchair a few minutes after the call.

Services for departing passengers

The PRM passenger assistance staff will accompany and assist you throughout your stay at the airport, from check-in operations, to security checks and passports, to boarding.
The transfer on board the aircraft will be made by special means.

Services for incoming passengers

The airport staff will be waiting for you near the plane, will accompany you to passport control, baggage claim, customs control and finally to the means of transport chosen to reach your final destination.

Services for passengers in transit

If you are a passenger in transit you will be assisted by the staff during your stay at the airport.