Forlì airport is part of the Aviation Technology Hub, a unique reality at European level, with facilities and laboratories dedicated to training, research and testing related to flight activities. This center represents a real flagship in the sector, which over the years has given Forlì the role of strategic location.

The Aviation Technology Center also includes:

  • IIS Baracca – Higher Education Institute Francesco Baracca
  • University of Bologna – School of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering-Department of Forlì
  • University of Bologna – CIRI Aerospace
  • ENAV Academy
  • ISAERS Forlì Academy AVIOLAB
  • Professione Volare Flight School

IIS Baracca
Higher Education Institute “Francesco Baracca”

The main core of the IIS “Baracca” is the Aeronautical Technical Institute (ITAer) which has brought students from all over Italy to Forlì, thanks to the excellence of its training courses. ITAer provides an upper secondary education and consists of three different courses: aircraft conduction, aircraft construction and logistics.

University of Bologna
School of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering-Department of Forlì

The University of Bologna takes part in the Aviation Technology Hub with the School of Industrial Engineering, which offers Bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. The Department of Forlì also offers the possibility to earn a Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Engineering Sciences.

University of Bologna – CIRI Aerospace

The University of Bologna also operates inside the Aviation Technology Hub by the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research, CIRI Aerospace, which mission is to promote and implement the industrial research, in direct synergy with the enterprises operating in the sectors of aeronautics and space.

ENAV Academy

A national and international center of excellence for education and training in Air Traffic Management, that operates in Forlì since 2006. It provides the best training for the development of technical and managerial skills in Air Traffic Management for all those working in this field.

ISAERS Forlì Academy AvioLab

ISAERS Forlì Academy AvioLab is an Operational Unit of Ser.In.Ar. active since 2020, participated by the Municipality of Forlì, the Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì Foundation, the Province of Forlì-Cesena and the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna.
Founded with the aim of supporting and managing the start-up of the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering degree courses in Forlì, it soon took on a more wide-ranging brief, becoming a service company of the Aviation Technology Hub, gaining a coordinating and promotional role with a wide range of training and educational activities in the aeronautical sector.

Professione Volare – Flight school

The flight school Professione Volare has been operating for more than twenty years with the aim of providing complete, rational and modern training for those who wish to start a career as a professional pilot.
In order to pursue this goal, Professione Volare avails itself of the collaboration of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience both in flight training and theoretical training.