Once you have checked in and before entering the boarding area, you must proceed to the security checkpoint, where you have to hand in your boarding pass and your hand baggage. During security checks the following will undergo X-ray controls:

  • Passenger, who has to pass through the metal detector; if necessary, the security agents proceed with the manual inspection;
  • Hand luggage; if necessary, the security agents proceed with the manual inspection of your luggage;
  • Any items to be boarded.


Passing through security checks is a mandatory step to be allowed to board an aircraft. For this reason, we ask you to cooperate as much as possible to facilitate the controls before entering the boarding area.
How to speed up security controls:

  • Prepare the boarding pass and the necessary documents to show at the security check-point;
  • Place your carry-on baggage on the X-ray machine roller, making sure you have removed your laptop or tablet for a separate screening;
  • Put your jacket and all the items you are carrying with you, such as mobile phone, wallet, electronic devices, belt, coins, etc., in the special tray on the roller;
  • Present yourself at security control with liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) in permitted quantities (max 100ml/gr per bottle, max 1 liter per passenger) separated from the rest of your hand baggage, placed in a transparent plastic bag for LAGs;
  • Pass through the metal detector and cooperate with the security agents in case they want to proceed with a manual check;
  • Be as cooperative as possible, in the interests of flight safety, should you be asked to take off your shoes or repeat X-ray checks several times or open your hand baggage for a manual inspection;
  • Inform the security agents in case you are a prosthesis or pace-maker wearer before performing security checks. Remember to show a medical certificate attesting your condition.