Controlli di sicurezza - Forlì Airport

General information

Once you have gone through check-in and before entering the boarding lounge, proceed to security control, where you will have to present your boarding pass and your hand luggage. During security checks, you will undergo X-ray screening:

  • The passenger must pass through the metal detector; if necessary, the security officer will proceed to manually inspect the person
  • Hand baggage; if necessary, the security officer will proceed to manually inspect the baggage
  • Any items accompanying the passenger

Controlli di sicurezza - Forlì Airport

How security control works

The security check is a compulsory step before boarding an aircraft. This is why we ask for your full cooperation in facilitating the checks before entering the boarding area.


  • Prepare your boarding pass and the necessary documents to be shown at controls
  • Place your hand luggage on the roller, making sure to remove your laptop computer and tablet beforehand, which must be screened separately
  • Place your jacket and all the material you carry with you, such as mobile phone, wallet, electronic devices, belt, coins, etc., in the tray on the roller
  • Presented at the security checkpoint with LAGs (liquids, aerosols and gels) separated from the rest of your hand luggage and placed in a transparent plastic bag for LAGs
  • Go through the metal detector and cooperate with the operators in case they want to carry out a manual check
  • Do your utmost, in order to safeguard the safety of the flight, in case you are asked to remove your shoes, repeat X-ray checks several times or open your hand luggage for manual inspection
  • If you have a prosthesis or pace-maker, please inform the security staff before undergoing the check-up. Remember to bring a medical certificate attesting to your condition