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Disposizioni generali

Sezione per l’adempimento delle prescrizioni del D.lgs. 33/2013.



Who we are


F.A. srl is a wholly privately owned company that was awarded the airport management concession following a European tender, and is an expression of Romagna entrepreneurship.

F.A. srl, in compliance with the provisions of the Navigation Code, Art. 705, is the entity entrusted, under the control and supervision of ENAC, the task of administering and managing airport infrastructure, according to criteria of transparency and non-discrimination, and to coordinate and control the activities of the various private operators present at the airport.
The suitability of F.A. to carry out these activities, in compliance with technical safety standards, is attested by the "Airport Certificate" issued by ENAC.

Our activities:

  • FA organises the airport activity in order to manage the efficient and optimal use of resources for the provision of activities and services of an adequate level of quality;
  • Under the supervision of ENAC, F.A. srl:
  • assigns aircraft parking stands;
  • ensures the orderly movement of all airport vehicles and personnel on the aprons, so as not to interfere with aircraft handling activities;
  • verifies compliance with the requirements of the Airport Regulations by operators providing airport services.
  • FA draws up the Charter of Services in accordance with the directives issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and ENAC and ensures compliance with the expected levels of quality of services offered to users;
  • FA directly carries out security checks on passengers, baggage and goods, in accordance with the current regulations, as well as the handling of lost and found items.


Transparent Administration

Composizione Societaria

Elenco dei soci di F.A. S.R.L. (capitale sociale € 12.000.000,00)

  • GRUPPO VILLA MARIA SPA o G.V.M. Spa 49,34800%
  • VICTOR Srl 48,34800%
  • PONZI SPA 0,21458%
  • Z2 S.r.l.s. 0,00427%
  • CONSORZIO FRUTTADORO DI ROMAGNA Soc. coop. Agricola 1,00000%
  • ALEXANDER Srl 1,00000%


Transparent Administration


The Code of Ethics, downloadable below, has been developed to ensure that the fundamental ethical values of F.A. s.r.l. are clearly defined and constitute the basic element of the corporate culture, as well as the standard of conduct of all Collaborators of the Company in the conduct of business and their activities.

In order that relations, both with the outside world and within the Company and the group, may develop and develop in a socially and ethically correct way, F.A. s.r.l. has considered it necessary to have a Code of Ethics, in which they have been explicitly and unambiguously stated, the values and principles that must guide in a constant, homogeneous and conscious way, the behaviors of all those who work in and for F.A. s.r.l: so that the Code of Ethics serves, therefore, as a guide, for all company staff, regardless of the level of competence and responsibility.

F.A. s.r.l. intends to consolidate and promote the ethical and social responsibility of its business activities, strengthening respect for the law, preventing the opportunities for illegal conduct in the conduct of business, but that also wants to enhance the virtuous and ethically correct behavior, which also improve the efficiency of human resources ensure, in external relations, a positive reputation of the Company.

Download the code of ethics


Transparent Administration


 We publish below the Regulation of Airport of Forlì, in force since 28 October 2020, approved by ENAC - Emilia Romagna Airport Management with order n.4/2020 of 21 October 2020.

Enac - Ordinance adopting airport regulations

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Stopover regulations

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Parking plan Forlì Airport

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Transparent Administration

Contributi Pubblici

Contributi Pubblici

Pubblicazione ai sensi di quanto previsto dalla Legge 124/2017

In data 09/06/2022, sulla base di quanto deliberato dalla Legge Regionale n. 14/2021 art. 9 punto 2: “Misure a sostegno dell’ambito aeroportuale di Forlì”, la società F.A. S.R.L. ha ricevuto dalla Regione Emilia Romagna un contributo di euro 906.147,58 a fronte di investimenti effettuati nel corso del 2021 all’interno del sedime aeroportuale.

Transparent Administration

Subconcessioni Aviation

Forlì Airport – Subconcessioni Aviation

On the official website of ENAC - Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile (National Civil Aviation Authority), a database containing the updated status of the aviation sub-concessions of Italian commercial airports is available. The database represents a valuable information transparency and consultation tool for operators and is constantly being updated.

Consult the database

Transparent Administration

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