Polo Tecnologico Aeronautico - Forlì Airport

Forlì, a historical vocation for flying

By virtue of its historical aeronautical vocation dating back to the 1980s, the city of Forlì has invested considerable resources in an industrial project aimed at establishing an Aeronautical Technological Pole. It is of great satisfaction for us as Forlì Airport to be part of the Polo Tecnologico Aeronautico di Forlì.

This unique reality at European level has a large number of facilities and laboratories dedicated to flight-related training, research and experimentation. A true flagship in the sector, which over the years has given Forlì the role of strategic city. With the development of teaching and research activities in the space field over the last decade, the Pole has taken on its current connotation as the Aerospace Technology Pole.

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Polo Tecnologico Aeronautico - Forlì Airport

IIS Baracca - Francesco Baracca State Higher Education Institute

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Via Montaspro, 94 47121 Forlì (FC) Tel. 0543 787911Fax 0543 787934

PEO: fois00900l@istruzione.it PEC: fois00900l@pec.istruzione.it

Polo Tecnologico Aeronautico - Forlì Airport

University of Bologna - Forlì Campus - Study Courses in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Polo Tecnologico Aeronautico - Forlì Airport

University of Bologna - CIRI Aerospace

The High Technology Network is represented by its Industrial Research Laboratories (CIRI) and Innovation Centres, located in the Technopoles in the territory.

The competences of the University of Bologna included in the Forlì-Cesena Technopole are as follows:

  • AEROSPACE - Expertise and equipment of the Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Aerospace Research;
  • AGRIFOOD - Expertise and equipment of the Interdepartmental Centre for Agribusiness Industrial Research;
  • ICT - Skills and Equipment of the Interdepartmental ICT Industrial Research Centre.

It also features the expertise and equipment of the BioEngLab, the Bioengineering Laboratory of Ciri Life Sciences and Health Technologies.

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Polo Tecnologico Aeronautico - Forlì Airport

ENAV Academy

People, together with technology, are the two pillars that have made ENAV an international excellence. The Training Centre is where we train and educate air traffic controllers.

It was established in Forlì, in the heart of an aeronautical pole that hosts the Second Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna (Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering courses), the 'Francesco Baracca' State Aeronautical Technical Institute and several flight and aeronautical maintenance schools.

The Training Centre offers a dedicated learning environment with classrooms, simulators and state-of-the-art support services.

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Polo Tecnologico Aeronautico - Forlì Airport

Professione Volo flying school

Professione Volare si prefigge di fornire un addestramento completo, razionale e moderno ai cittadini italiani ed esteri che intendono svolgere attività aerea con velivolo.

In order to pursue this purpose with the utmost professionalism, Flying Profession relies on the collaboration of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience both in the field of organization and flight training, than in the field of theoretical training.

The operational base, located at Forlì Airport, offers the optimum infrastructure and procedures for professional training without penalising the time and manner of training activities.

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Management and operational base Forlì Airport

Via C. Seganti 103 – 47121 Forlì

Tel. +39 0543 781281

Fax +39 0543 473450