F.A. Srl, concessionaire for the management of Luigi Ridolfi Airport in Forlì, intends compiling its own List of qualified economic operators which will be used, in the course of the year 2021, for the acquisition of supplies and below-threshold contracts through informal tenders to be carried out in accordance with the procedures defined in the Corporate Procurement Policy.

Economic operators interested in participating in the informal tenders for works and / or supplies, have the right to request to be registered in the list for the type of service for which they possess adequate technical and economic qualifications, accompanying the application (Annex A) with:

  • Business Registration Certificate for the product category as declared in the corporate purpose;
  • Self-declaration stating the economic and financial capacity, concerning the company turnover achieved in the last three years specific to the category for which registration was requested; FA. Srl, however, reserves the right to assess eligibility on the List also for companies established for less than three years that do not reach the above-mentioned amount limits; in this case, admission will be limited solely to supplies / services having an amount consistent with the declared economic and financial capacity;
  • Self-declaration attesting to the technical-professional capacity, and an indication of the average number of employees and technicians available to the company, documented by a list of the main services or main supplies provided in the last three years;
  • QMS certifications or similar issued by accredited Quality Management System Certification Bodies.

How to submit registration applications

Applications and all attached documents must be sent exclusively by certified e-mail, in PDF format, to

The subject of the certified e-mail message, must be “Application for registration in the list of qualified economic operators for the year 2021”

Economic operators who have submitted a regular application will be notified, by certified e-mail, of their registration in the List of qualified economic operators.

Personal data will be processed, pursuant to Reg. (EU) 679/2016 “GDPR”, under full protection of the rights of economic operators and their confidentiality.