Photography by Paolo Morelli

The airport is located in a central area, easily accessible by car or train from the regions of northern and central Italy: Venice (216 km), Florence (111 km), Ancona (150 km), Bologna (79 km), Perugia (170 km), Assisi (174 km) and the ancient Republic of San Marino (44 km).

It represents a destination of interest not only for the seaside resorts of its Riviera, such as Milano Marittima (32 km), Cervia (33 km), Cesenatico (36 km), Rimini (42 km), Cattolica and Riccione (43 km) and the hinterland, but also for its proximity to important Italian business and tourism centers such as Tuscany, Umbria and Marche.

Other points of interest in the area are easily accessible by car: Ravenna with its industrial area, the port and the 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (38 km), Faenza with the Museum of Ceramics (23 km), Cesena with the Orogel “Dino Manuzzi” stadium and its racecourse (30 km), Imola with its motor-racing track (39 km), Ferrara and the Po Delta Park (106 km).
The airport is also close to the circuits of Misano (69 km), Maranello (124 km) and Mugello (92 km).