Documenti di viaggio - Forlì Airport

General information

Whatever your destination, to be allowed to enter the country of destination on departure you will need to present a valid ID, accompanied by an entry visa and/or a health declaration, if any. Is It is only Passenger’s responsibility is to ensure that they have a valid identity document that meets the requirements of the Airline, the immigration control authorities and all other authorities in the country of destination of the flight. Before leaving, remember to check the suitability, validity and expiration of the required documents (for more information visit, edited by the Farnesina Crisis Unit).

ATTENTION: the type of identity document required to travel depends on the country of destination of the flight; the driving licence is NOT a valid document for expatriation from Italy and abroad is not recognized as an identity document.

Documenti di viaggio - Forlì Airport

Domestic and Schengen destinations

For circulation within the European Union, the identity card is sufficient valid for expatriation and in the course of validity. You can travel with a valid identity card to some countries outside the European Union, but only if the trip has been organized by Tour Operator.

Documenti di viaggio - Forlì Airport

Non-Schengen Destinations

The passport, in some cases accompanied by an entry visa, allows entry into any country, whose government is recognized by the Italian State.

HINT: As a precaution, we suggest that you write down the document number, expiration date and date and place of issue: these data can be useful to you in case of a report for loss or theft of your document.